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April 1, “the new line of high juvenile Cardin” 2009 Fall Product orders will be held ceremoniously in Quanzhou, Fujian Province. In addition to this order will be displayed to the National Agents in autumn 2009 Cardin new products, preparing for 09 autumn market, go karts with this conference, the company also formally announced the development plan and a series of 09 Cardin marketing plan to move a new attitude Cardin 09 new journey.

Cardin & Youth Line

2009 Cardin shoes to Georgia for the annual marketing theme “Youth Line” to put that repositioned Cardin brand will focus more on serving China’s youth population aged 7 14. Therefore, in this conference, go karts made general manager of Yellow talent will be “Youth Line” Narukading brand core of development and put forward the slogan of the new brand Cardin Cardin. Juvenile line, I know I can line . The reason why in 2009 the Cardin brand positioning in the Junior class, is the go karts in the development of fully integrated brand and target consumer market reality of the dual factors of major brand decisions made. In the future, focus on “Youth Bank” strategy, go karts through the integration of various resources, from a new perspective of strategic, product restructuring, corporate brand culture, channel development and brand strategy services focus on a comprehensive settlement of juvenile Cardin program.

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Cardin in 2009 for the brand re positioning, go karts Huang, general manager of talent that, in the past three years, go karts in product development, channel development, market share and brand building have access to the industry and market recognition, but also To further enhance the brand Cardin has laid a solid foundation. Although 2009 is not optimistic economic form, but the general consensus is “retrograde and on the turn crises into opportunities.” For karting, the formal juvenile in 2009 the strategy of brand development on the one hand is the go karts in the road to self examination and precise positioning; the other hand, the “Youth Line” of the proposed transfer Cardin brand content in the , but also played the 09 prelude Cardin brand integration of resources.”Youth Line” national strength, from youth, national prosperity is tied to youth. Self improvement of the Chinese Youth are the future pillars; for a youth group dedicated to serving the Chinese enterprise, effective youth strategy is feasible, a business can be a brilliant success.

Cardin & New Heights

Above the clouds, constant, no rain; innovation under no crisis; elite opinion, the new height. Annual marketing conference in Cardin, according to Cardin Huang talent, general manager of the company made in 2009 thinking of broader development plans, go karts in 2009 to enhance the company issued a series of brand competition Cardin height, shape Cardin Youth sports brand positioning marketing program. It is reported that this meeting, published in 2009 Cardin marketing programs, and to the core youth strategy, go karts this year to maintain the existing product portfolio in the case, will launch the go karts sports accessories, development of cultural characteristics with the brand ancillary products; in brand promotion, the 2009 go karts to the United Nations children’s agency launched a series of well known theme of cultural promotion activities, while a spread of airborne and ground combination of advertising communication strategy will further improve in 2009 Cardin brand communication efforts .

It is worth mentioning that in go karts 09 years marketing program, Cardin made a “Museum of the Chinese Young Life shoes” new model of terminal operations, in 2008 the industry’s first “Young Living shoes Museum” basis, will go karts successful business model for further refinement. In Cardin announced 09 brand marketing programs, brand enhancement through a high degree of business management, product structure upgrades, channel construction and upgrading of integrated brand communication practice eventually upgrade the brand. “New high” as 09 Cardin “Youth Bank” means the beginning of juvenile strategy is to go karts on the 2009 path of the high expectations of brand development, moral development, go karts in the 09 initiatives on the brand has never sought to brand themselves as the perspective of a breakthrough boundaries, leading the innovation of new marketing model for children’s shoes industry.At this conference, go karts Huang, general manager of talent in order to “There is nothing permanent; most drastic, hundred and Qin Chuan Chu is the end; painstakingly people live day; Great Revival, 3000 Miss Vietnam i can swallow,” with all the participants encourage each other, hope that all Cardin business partners in 2009 to continue to fight side by side together to create a kart dream.


Catchy, short refining is the first time I heard Cardin brand slogan Cardin juvenile OK I know I have the intuitive feeling. In achieving the brand positioning “Youth” strategy through communication with the audience straightforward to achieve Cardin brand personality with the Chinese youth self aggressive, and personality characteristics of self group the emotional resonance. Brand slogan is a consumer brand value the most intuitive experience. Successful brand slogan always deep insight into consumer psychology and stimulate the potential consumer demand. “Minds think alike” is the brand and consumer groups to achieve the highest level of communication.

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