Fitness Tips For Women In Their Fifties

By Kya Grace

Women develop many health problems as they approach their fifties and progress beyond it. Hormonal imbalances triggered by menopause lead to weight gain in many women. Other health problems that women fall prey to in their fifties are osteoporosis, insomnia, heart problems, blood pressure and diabetes. Exercise helps maintain a healthy body and thus, reduce the incidence of these diseases. However, before embarking on a fitness regime after fifty, you should consult a doctor and undergo a thorough physical examination.

Indulge in a healthy dose of cardio exercises

Women in their fifties can go for brisk walks, jogging, swimming, cycling and dance to increase the metabolism rate of the body, which reduces after fifty. Indulging in cardio workout is a good way to keep yourself from gaining those extra pounds and the first step towards a healthy life.

Formulate a comprehensive fitness regime

After you age beyond fifty, the muscular strength of the body reduces. The bone tissues begin to recede, which results in reduced bone density leading to pain in the joints and osteoporosis. Therefore, along with cardio exercises, you need to add strength and weight training to your fitness regime. These exercises enhance your lean muscle mass and lend strength to the body. Hiring a personal trainer will help you workout without sustaining injuries and obtain better results.

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Make changes in your lifestyle

You will be amazed to see how much your health can improve by making a few changes in your lifestyle after fifty. The first thing to do will be to quit smoking and cut down on alcohol consumption. Smoking accelerates the process of aging and all the incidence of all related problems, not to mention risk of cancer. Good sleep in very important after fifty because the body repairs its tired tissues while you sleep. Therefore, ensure that you sleep well.

Concentrate on your diet

Since the metabolism rate of the body registers a marked decrease after fifty, it is important to keep away from junk and processed food that are difficult to digest and form a sludge like substance in the bowels. Eat balanced and nutritious meals with more fiber and calcium content to maintain healthy bowel movement. Constipation is one of the major problems that affects many women after fifty. Increasing the intake of water, fresh fruit juice, low fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables will enhance your health.

Be active all day long

In order to maintain good health, it is important to indulge in physical activities all day long. Although you might follow a fitness regime for an hour in the morning, spending the rest of the day in a passive and sedentary manner is not healthy. Form little pockets of activity all day long to keep the metabolism rate elevated and keep flab off.

Be happy

The ability to handle stress reduces as a person ages. Mood swings, depression and anxiety are the most common post-menopausal symptoms in women. For total good health, metal well being is of vital importance. Therefore, follow stress-busting techniques like meditation and yoga. Join laughter clubs, watch happy movies and do not take unnecessary things to heart. Be happy and you will find that your health will be better than ever before.

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