Curtains And Drapes Dressing Up Your Windows

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There are so many different window treatments on the market, that it can get confusing. You could even be tempted to just go with boring shutters, or cheap blinders. Basic functionality aside, these options leave a lot to be desired.

Curtains or drapes aren’t just for decorating windows. There are three important functions they should provide in addition to the basic functionality of blinds or shutters. Which of the three is most important depends on your needs and preferences for the room.

The three functional elements of draperies or curtains

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Privacy is an important feature of any window treatment. A fabric that is sheer works fine during the day, but falls short on privacy during night time. Any curtain set should include a thick material for privacy concerns.

Next, your drapes should provide control over the light entering a room. This helps with keeping temperatures cool during summer days, or with darkness for a much needed daytime nap. Any drapes or curtains you select for a window should provide this level of light control.

Last but not least, any drapes and curtains should compliment the decode of the room. A simple change in curtain material pattern can make a big impact on the look of any room interior. But this can also be the most difficult part of the selection process, since individual taste is involved. If there’s more than one person involved in the decision process, it can become difficult.

The different types of drapes and curtains

Curtains and drapes are available in an almost unlimited array of prints, fabrics, designs and shapes. Sun facing windows are well served by thicker materials. More sheer material layers fit the bill for privacy without total darkness.

Your window treatments can be simple, functional and inexpensive, or you can go with pricier compliments to your home decode. Either direction that suites you, there are plenty of products available.

With all the different drapery styles and types available, the real trick can be in sussing out all the options to settle on the perfect curtains for you.

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