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Having to deal with stink bugs sometimes called shield bugs in your garden is one problem. But having to deal with it when you find a stink bug in your house is an entirely different problem. We are going to talk about how to prevent this and how to handle it if it happens anyway. The most important thing about dealing with an infestation of shield bugs is to get started on the problem right away. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to reclaim your home.

You should always be on the lookout for a larger than normal number of bugs and pests in your garden. If you notice this problem and handle it in the garden, it will be much less likely that these types of pests will get into your home. If you do discover them inside your home, you need to take steps immediately. Do not kill it, because that is likely to produce an odor hence the stink part of their name. You should also not ignore the problem and hope it is just a single insect that got in.

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Like most insects, these are attracted to light. This makes the evening hours a prime time for them to try and find a way into your house. Make sure that the open windows are covered with screens. You should also check the screens to see if there are any holes. These pests do not need a large opening to get into your house; a tiny crack in the screen is enough to do it. If you see any holes, you should either repair them or get a new screen. Many people leave their doors slightly ajar to create a cross breeze in the house. Again, make sure the screens in these doors do not have any holes. There are even people who will leave their garage door slightly open in the evening to help with the cross breeze. Since you cannot put a screen on the garage door, this is a very bad idea. It may help keep your house cool, but you are bound to have problems with insects sooner or later if you do this.

One of the most popular methods of dealing with these insects that get into your home is going to your local home and garden store for sprays. However, one of the problems with these pests is that they are sometimes resistant to these sprays. A solution of dish soap and water has been shown to be effective in killing these intruders. Mix the solution and put it into some type of a spray bottle. When you find an insect, spray it and that should kill it without having to deal with the horrible smell.

You should also take your spray bottle and look for hiding places. This can include attics, around empty boxes of under/behind furniture. Killing the insects one at a time is going to get really old really fast. Go on the attack and get them all at once.

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