Why Seo Is Important For Businesses}

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It is very evident that search engine optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in creating an environment of online growth for businesses that understand the need for SEO consultants.

SEO is Good for Business Visibility and Branding

When people search for your products and services, you obviously want to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible, but the reasons for this are more than just because you want them to click through to your website

SEO Brings Your Business Traffic

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Traffic is not going to make you any money by itself. For example, when people would like to check out some fancy restaurants in Toronto, they probably would search the keyword of the best restaurant in Toronto on search engine. According to Google trend reports, the term would be searched for 96 times in every minute, which accounts for 5,760 times for every hour and 138,240 times for everyday. Eventually, even only 1% of searchers would choose your business, that is still over 1,000 customers. More importantly, the people coming to your site are almost all qualified leads they were searching for businesses like yours when they found you, so they already have a need or interest in your products or services.


On-Page Optimization – The technique includes all the measures that can be taken within the website to improve its search ranking. The factors influencing the same includes , URL Structure, Meta tags optimization, Meta description, Title Tags of all webpages.

Off-page optimization – The technique includes all the measures that can be taken outside the website to improve its search ranking. The factors influencing the same includes , Creating backlinks for website, Blog writing etc.

Social Media Optimization – The measures that can be taken over social platforms to improve its search ranking. The factors include , Social media posts, Social Presence in different groups/platform.


Long Term Strategy – SEO optimized website comes out to be an effective user friendly marketing platform. Once properly implemented with techniques, the website is bound to give long lasting results.

Ease in the Competitive Market – SEO optimized websites are the most important and cost-effective strategy to face and dissolve the competition in the market.

Brand Visibility- Undoubtedfully , one of the major benefit of SEO is brand visibility. Better ranking of website leaves no stone unturned to showcase a brand identity on every reachable platform.

Explore Business – An SEO optimized webebsite is compatible with mobile /tablet and all the other electronic platforms, which inturns leads in an increase in the visitors on webpages. More visitors are more likely to become customers or opt-in subscribers.

SEO sounds great, but is also not easy. Search engine optimization requires lots of techniques and knowledges, and it is a time-consuming learning process for yourself to learn, and remember you dont have to be master on everything. We help our clients with their SEO in terms of selecting keywords and improve their search ranking. We also provide the third party data report and is results guaranteed.

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Russian police say Moscow airport bomber identified

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Police in Russia say they have identified the man behind the bombing of Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport on Monday, although they will not yet name him. Police said the man who killed 35 was a twenty-year-old suicide bomber from the North Caucasus region.

An Investigative Committee statement delivered by spokesman Vladimir Markin said “We have established the identity of the terrorist suicide bomber who set off the explosive. He turned out to be a 20-year-old native from one of the North Caucasus republics,” and “Despite the investigation having established the name of the terrorist, we will not name him today,” because it may hamper ongoing efforts to detain people suspected of collaborating.

Markin added “I would especially like to note that it was by no means an accident that the act of terror was committed in the international arrivals hall… According to investigators, the act of terror was first and foremost aimed against foreign citizens.” Eight of those killed were foreigners and several flights had just landed from European origins.

President Dmitry Medvedev sacked several transportations officials in the wake of the bombing. The nation’s transport infrastructure will deal with extra visitors when the country hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2018 World Cup. Medvedev has targeted both security officials and airport management in the wake of the bombing.

According to investigators, the act of terror was first and foremost aimed against foreign citizens

Few official details have been released by the investigation and unofficial reports in the press have been contradictory; one report suggested a suicide bomber wearing a plastic explosive-based shrapnel bomb belt. Another said it could have been detonated remotely, while a third suggested a timer. Russian newspapers initially suggested a bag had exploded on the floor, while local TV has shown CCTV footage of the explosion. Unconfirmed reports also claim the Federal Security Service was searching for three people ahead of the attack and that the bomber was Vitaly Razdobudko of Stavropol.

Although nobody has claimed responsibility or been arrested for the airport attack, Markin told reporters several people have been brought in on suspicion of planning an attack on December 31, while others are being sought. He linked them to an explosion on the 31st in a Moscow hotel, in which a bomber died after the device he was building went off prematurely.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the attack is not thought to be linked to Chechnyan insurgency. The attack is Moscow’s second within a year, with two women from Dagestan, North Caucuses blowing themselves up on the Metro and killing 39 in 2010.

Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg

They are cheap, useful, and very plentiful, and that is exactly the problem, according to researchers. A report issued on Feb. 23 by a cadre of environment and economics researchers suggested that Kenya should ban the common plastic bag that one gets at the checkout counter of grocery stores, and place a levy on other plastic bags, all to combat the country’s environmental problems stemming from the bags’ popularity.

Canada Business Provisional Program}

Submitted by: Seher Ali

Canada Provincial Nominee Program ( PNP )


The Provincial Nominees Program (PNP) authorizes provinces to nominate candidates aspiring to migrate to Federal Canada and desiring to settle in a specific province. Provincial Nomination is a fast-track route to Canada Permanent Residence. Candidate needs the required skills, work experience and education to make the instant economic contribution to the particular province or territory that nominates him.

Fulfilling the need of more migrants in urbanized Canadian provinces, the Canada Immigration and Citizenship established the Provincial Nominee Program to accomplish the requirement of manpower in these provinces and their remote regions. More skills would bring ample boost in individual economies along with distributing sufficient investments in those employments which demand overseas skills.

For prospective immigrants under the Canada Business Provisional Program, understanding various grains linked with the application process might be a tedious task, courtesy various facets associated with it. Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd’s provincial immigration specialists understand what all it takes to file and manage the application under Canada Business Provisional Program, hence ensuring that the bowl is filled thoroughly without any surplus spilling.

Every Canadian Province or territory has their own unique Provincial Nomination Programs tailored to address the particular need of the province or territory to attract business persons, investors or skilled workers. You will need to choose amongst Canadian Provinces you want to immigrate to Canada under the provincial nominee program

Alberta provincial nominee program

British Columbia provincial nominee program

Manitoba provincial nominee program

New Brunswick provincial nominee program

Newfoundland and Labrador provincial nominee program

Nova Scotia provincial nominee program

Northwest Territories provincial nominee program

Nunavut provincial nominee program

Ontario provincial nominee program

Prince Edward Island (PEI) provincial nominee program

Quebec provincial nominee program

Saskatchewan provincial nominee program

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Yukon provincial nominee program

Otherwise, decide the Province through the immigration category you fall in

Business Immigration Skilled Worker (Professional) Semi-Skilled Worke

British Columbia


New Brunswick

Northwest Territories


Prince Edward Island (PEI)




British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrado

Nova Scotia

Northwest Territories

Nunavut, Ontario

Prince Edward Island (PEI)




British Columbia

Northwest Territories



Family International Graduate Farme



Newfoundland and Labrado

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island (PEI)



British Columbia


Newfoundland and Labrado

Nova Scotia






Quebec has its own separate immigration programs and system. You can find the details on Quebec page.

Annual Immigration Quota and Role of Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd

Every province barring Quebec has its own quota for accepting skilled migration provided by the annual Immigration quota. Interested candidates intending to apply under the Canada Business Provisional Program can choose the province of their choice, and our immigration specialists would acquaint them on various facets linked with province, along with providing the minutest granule of the job market.

Further, Stallion Immigration Pvt Ltd’s Canada Business Provisional Program’s specialists would then assist in getting our clients nominated for the intended provinces through our ace network. Once the process of mandatory nomination is completed, there is no looking back. The procedure of filing the application for Canada Business Provisional Program would start, leading way to fulfilling other mandates like essential documents, and going through medical, security and background check, to name a few. Not to forget that applicants applying under the Canada Business Provisional Program would get enjoy priority at the stamping level.

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British conductor Edward Downes and wife die in double assisted suicide

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

British conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife Joan took their lives at a Swiss assisted suicide clinic on Friday, July 10, 2009, according to a statement from their family. Lady Downes, 74, was afflicted with terminal cancer, and Sir Edward, 85, was nearly blind with increasing hearing difficulties. These disabilities had forced him to give up conducting. Having no religious beliefs, the couple decided against holding a funeral.

The statement read, “After 54 happy years together, they decided to end their own lives rather than continue to struggle with serious health problems. They died peacefully, and under circumstances of their own choosing, with the help of the Swiss organisation, Dignitas, in Zurich.”

Many who knew the couple as friends said that Sir Edward was not terminally ill, but wanted to die with his wife, who he had been with for more than 50 years.

Sir Edward Downes’s children, in an interview with The London Evening Standard, said they escorted their parents to Zurich, and on that Friday, they watched in tears as their parents consumed “a small quantity of clear liquid,” and then proceeded to lie down together, holding hands.

“Within a couple of minutes they were asleep, and died within 10 minutes,” said their 41 year old son, Caractacus Downes.

Sir Edward was well respected in the operatic and orchestral worlds and was particularly noted for his performances of British and Russian music and of Verdi, conducting 25 of the composer’s 28 operas. He had a long association with the Royal Opera House, where he conducted for more than 50 seasons in succession. This did not stop him from refusing to conduct a series of performances of Verdi’s Nabucco there as he was “out of sympathy” with the adventurous production. His approach to conducting was similarly conservative. He wrote “The duty of a conductor should be to present… a faithful and accurate account of the composer’s music as he wrote it, disregarding any subsequent ‘interpretations’, ‘meanings’, or political agendas that may have been attached to it by others.”

It was on Friday, 28 September, 1973, that Sir Edward conducted the opening public performance at the Sydney Opera House, a staging of Prokofiev’s War and Peace by Opera Australia, of which he was musical director. Downes also served as chief conductor of the Netherlands Radio Orchestra and principal conductor of the BBC Philharmonic.

The family reported that Lady Downes “started her career as a ballet dancer and subsequently worked as a choreographer and TV producer, before dedicating the last years of her life to working as our father’s personal assistant.”

The Metropolitan Police have announced that Greenwich CID are investigating the circumstances of the couple’s deaths. Assisting a suicide is illegal in the United Kingdom.

Over 100 people who wished to die have made the journey from Britain to Switzerland to take advantage of the clinical services that Dignitas offers. British police have investigated many of the resulting deaths, but no family member has yet been prosecuted for helping relatives negotiate with Dignitas and travel to Switzerland. Debbie Purdy, a woman with multiple sclerosis, attempted last year to obtain a ruling from the English High Court that family members would not be prosecuted for helping someone use the service, and in particular that her husband would not be charged should she decide to use Dignitas in future. The court refused as it believed that such clarification is the responsibility of parliament and not the judiciary.

Last week the House of Lords rejected a proposal by former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer to allow people to help someone with a terminal illness travel to a country where assisted suicide is legal.

Russian choreographer Igor Moiseyev dies at age 101

Friday, November 2, 2007

Igor Moiseyev, who has been widely acclaimed as the greatest 20th-century choreographer of folk dance, has died today after a long illness. He was 101 years old.

Born Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev on January 21, 1906 in Kiev, Moiseyev graduated from the Bolshoi Theatre ballet school in 1924 and danced in the theatre until 1939. His first choreography in the Bolshoi was Footballer in 1930 and the last was Spartacus in 1954.

Since the early 1930s, he staged acrobatic parades on Red Square and finally came up with the idea of establishing the Theatre of Folk Art. In 1936, Vyacheslav Molotov put him in charge of the new dance company, which has since been known as the Moiseyev Ballet. Among about 200 dances he created for his company, some humorously represented the game of football and guerrilla warfare. After visiting Belarus he choreographed a Belarusian “folk” dance Bulba (“Potato”), which over the years indeed became a Belarusian folk dance. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, Moiseyev’s work has been especially admired “for the balance that it maintained between authentic folk dance and theatrical effectiveness”.

Moiseyev was named People’s Artist of the USSR in 1953, Hero of Socialist Labor in 1976, received the Lenin Prize (1967, for the dance show A Road to the Dance), four USSR State Prizes (1942, 1947, 1952, 1985), Russian Federation State Prize (1996), was awarded numerous orders and medals of the Soviet Union, Spain, and many other countries. On the day of his centenary, Moiseyev became the first Russian to receive Order for the Merits before the Fatherland, 1st class — the highest civilian decoration of the Russian Federation.

Medtronics Recall 6931 Lead}

Medtronics Recall 6931 Lead


John Humphrey

In October 2007, the patients and doctors were informed of the Medtronic recall of the Sprint Fidelis lead Model 6931. It was found that the Medtronic 6931 lead along with lead Models 6930, 6948 and 6949 were at risk of developing fractures in particular locations. As of October 2007, Medtronic was aware of at least 665 chronic fractures in returned Sprint Fidelis leads. The majority of these fractures (approximately 90%) have occurred in the anode or cathode conductors.

The Medtronic recall applies only to the leads and not implanted defibrillation or pacemaker devices. If a patient has one of the implanted leads their Patient ID card should contain one of the following four sets of numbers: 6930, 6931, 6948, 6949. These numbers may be part of a longer string of numbers on the ID card. Pacemakers help keep the heart from going too slowly compared to defibrillators which keep the heart from going too fast. The Medtronic Sprint Fidelis recall does not include Medtronic devices that are pacemakers. Patients who have Medtronic ICDs or CRT-Ds without Sprint Fidelis leads are also not affected by the Medtronic recall.

The 6931 Medtronic lead is a thin wire that connects an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) or cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) directly to the heart. Defibrillators monitor a patients heart rhythms. They are surgically implanted for patients at high risk of sudden cardiac arrest. An electrical shock is transmitted or rapid pacing to restore normal rhythm when irregular heartbeats are detected. Defibrillators keep the heart from going too fast.

A total of 268,000 Sprint Fidelis leads were implanted in patients throughout the world, with 172,000 leads implanted in the United States. As of January 2007, approximately 5,387 Medtronic Sprint Fidelis Model 6931 leads had been implanted. Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy-Defibrillators (CRT-Ds) are used to treat abnormal heart rhythms in patients which can cause the heart to suddenly stop. ICDs and CRT-Ds shock the heart back into normal rhythm by delivering a pulse of energy through an electronic wire (lead) that is connected to the heart.

Patients who have either received a Medtronic recall letter or have one of the lead recall Models listed on their patient ID card are urged to contact their doctors office with any questions about their leads. Doctors are encourage to analyze the risks versus benefits of either leaving the lead implanted along with careful monitoring or implanting a different lead model. Extraction of leads involves serious risks to the patient. Medtronics Independent Physician Quality Panel recommends that if one of the recalled leads (Medtronic lead 6931) requires removal, the surgery be performed by a doctor with extensive extraction experience.

It has been reported that doctors with limited extraction experience may significantly increase the risk of complications during extraction. Some of the reported complications of lead removal include: lead breakage and migration; avulsion of veins, myocardium of the tricuspid valve; tears of the myocardium or veins; hemothorax, tamponade, perforation, emergency cardiothoracic surgery, pulmonary emboli, and death. Lead extraction carries risks that need to be considered and discussed between the patient and their doctor. Published literature suggests major complications (death or surgical intervention) from lead extraction range from 1.4 7.3%.

Robert Whitney is author of this article on Medtronic lawsuits. Find more information about Medtronic lead recall here.

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Medtronics Recall 6931 Lead

U.S. Senator calls for nationwide investigation into Army recruitment tactics

Saturday, May 14, 2005

U.S. Senator Wayne Allard (RColorado), in a letter to Army Secretary Francis Harvey, said that the secretary of the Army should launch a nationwide investigation into reports that some Army recruiters engaged in questionable recruiting tactics. In the letter Allard wrote that “according to these reports, the rules weren’t just bent, they were broken and tossed away.”

One of the reports the Senator is referring to is the attempted recruitment of David McSwane, a 17 year old editor of a high school newspaper in Golden, Colorado. McSwane posed as a high school dropout, with a drug problem that he was “unable to kick”. Then he recorded, on audio tape, conversations allegedly showing that the recruiters told him how to obtain a phony diploma on the Internet and what medication to buy to cover up the drug problem. A friend of McSwane’s also video-taped a recruiter taking McSwain to a store to buy a “detox” medication to help him pass the army physical. David said he was told by the recruiter to buy the product.

A voice on the audio tape is heard saying, “You just have to follow instructions to a tee. It has got like a 150 percent guarantee that you will pass. You know, I’ve seen it work before.”

“If I were a soldier out on the front line, I wouldn’t want someone next to me who my life could be depending on going through withdrawal or having a drug addiction or just being someone I can’t trust. I just don’t think that’s something we need on our front lines,” David McSwane said on CNN.

His mother, concerned that people may think he was being unpatriotic by setting up the “sting” operation said: “He’s probably one of the most patriotic kids I know. He was in the Young Marines for almost a year and earned a couple (of) awards.”

Major General Michael Rochelle, the general in charge of recruiting for the U.S. Army responded to the allegations and tapes. “I was disappointed by it,” Rochelle said. “I was very disappointed by it.” He is shutting down recruiting offices for 1 day to review their procedures.

Jim Massey, a former Marine recruiter, expanded the accusations by saying the same fraudulent recruitment practices existed in the United States Marines Corps.

“This isn’t just an isolated incident,” Massey said. “This is a widespread epidemic. I would say 98 percent [of the recruits Massey enlisted] were frauded into the military.”

The Army has suspended two recruiters in Golden, Colorado.

Media reports exaggerate cell phone risks again

Monday, September 22, 2008

Several mainstream news outlets have misstated and overstated a possible link between cellular phone use and decreased fertility in men. A single experiment, which has not yet been published in any peer reviewed journal or replicated by other scientists, observed an average decrease in sperm motility and an increase in free radicals among laboratory sperm samples that were exposed to radiation similar to the radiation produced by cellular phone use.

Dr. Ashok Agarwal of the Cleveland Clinic estimates the overall health impact of cellular phones as “very safe” and reassured a Cable News Network reporter that the research was too premature to advise lifestyle changes for the public. “Our study has not provided proof that you should stop putting cell phones in your pocket. There are many things that need to be proven before we get to that stage.” He noted that his own cell phone was in his trouser pocket while he was giving the interview. Dr. Agarwal is the lead researcher for the study and Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

Cell phone industry spokesman Joe Farren agreed with Dr. Agarwal’s assessment about the devices’ overall safety: “The weight of the published scientific evidence, in addition to the opinion of global health organizations, shows that there is no link between wireless usage and adverse health effects.”

The controlled experiment used sperm samples from thirty-two donors: twenty-three healthy men and nine men who had fertility problems. Sperm were then exposed to radiation for one hour at 850 megahertz, the most common frequency for cell phones in the United States. Dr. Agarwal’s study raises a possible concern that cell phones kept on belts or trouser pockets and used in conjunction with wireless bluetooth earpieces “could cause harmful effects due to the proximity of the phones and the exposure that they are causing to the gonads.” He also noted that follow-up research is needed to determine whether the body’s skin and other tissue affords protection from the potential damage.

Several news sources ran misleading reports that overstated the risk.

The Los Angeles Times asserted a fallacious causal relationship that Dr. Agarwhal had not drawn and ignored his opinions that cellular phones are safe and no change in phone use is necessary. Instead, the piece opened by ordering men to stop keeping cell phones in their pockets:

Do you think that cell phones are safe?
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“Attention male cellphone users of reproductive age: Take that phone out of your pocket. Information published today suggests that the radio-frequency energy released by cellphones decreases sperm quality in men.”

Ciol News ran a similar account:

“Beware men! Do you have the habit of keeping your mobile phone in the pockets of your trousers while talking on hand-free? Or do clip the mobile to your belt while talking? If so you are doing that at the cost of your fertility, warns a recent study.”

Mobile Magazine went a step further, also alluding to previous media exaggerations about cellular phone dangers:

“Oh no! It seems that mobile phones are getting even more problematic than ever. After getting linked to everything from migraines to cancer, it seems that the radiation from cell phones is now being connected to stupid sperm. Yes, I’m talking about the little swimmers that lead into a conversation about the birds and the bees.”

Mobile Magazine also ended in a misleading manner with “I wonder if it’s healthier to put your phone in your shirt pocket instead,” failing to mention that Dr. Agarwal had addressed that concern and had called it an unnecessary precaution.

Not all news sources overplayed the findings. CNN and United Press International ran balanced reports that did not suggest dangers or precautions beyond the lead researcher’s conclusions.

This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.